Safe Winter Driving

Driving in winter can be challenging and dangerous. Safe operation in adverse conditions requires skilled and trained operators.

Classroom: Our Winter Driving and Skid Recovery Classroom course is a half day theory program utilizing a unique blend of fast paced lecture, video and discussion.  

What your employees will learn:

  • How to check, prepare and equip your vehicle for winter including but not limited to:
    • Emergency kits
    • Tire selection
  • The 6 conditions of winter driving
    • Weather condition
    • Vehicle condition
    • Road condition
    • Traffic Condition
    • Lighting condition
    • Driver Condition
  • Fundamentals of traction and control
  • The 3 principal types of skids and how to recover from them
    • Under steer skids
    • Over steer skids
    • Lock-up on braking
  • How to correctly use your Antilock Braking System
  • Electronic stability & Traction Control systems and how they can prevent skidding

This theory course sets the stage for the practical session that includes a dynamic, hands-on skid control and emergency tactics session. 

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