Hazard Recognition

Recognizing, evaluating and controlling hazards are the basic building blocks of any safety and health management system. Hazards cause incidents and injury - controlling hazards prevents incidents. Without a solid understanding of this area, a system cannot be effective. This program is designed to inform and motivate participants as well as provide them effective tools to implement a successful hazard recognition program in their organization, or update an existing program.

The course format has been developed to be a highly interactive program utilizing facilitated presentation, along with exercises to reinforce the learning process. During the class the students will work individually and in groups on exercises and case studies.

Course Outline

  • Recognizing Hazards

  • Types of hazards

  • Where and How to find hazards

  • PEME

  • Tools to Identify Hazards

  • Legislations

  • Evaluating Hazards

  • Controlling Hazards

  • Hierarchy of controls

This course is subject to our Cancellation and Refund Policies.