This course is the combination of all courses required to complete Occupational Health and Safety Committee Level 1 program.

Day 1 - Occupational health and safety committee

Students will learn the responsibilities of a Health & Safety Committee, how such committees should function and how to apply the lessons learned to the operation of their own committee and organization.

Course Outline - Day 1

  • Legislative requirements of the Act

  • How to set up a committee

  • How to conduct an effective committee

  • How to organize a meeting agenda

  • How to deal with complaints

  • Group dynamics and communication process

  • Introduction to Incident Investigation and Workplace Inspections

  • Safety education and training

Day 2 - workplace inspections\incident investigation

Inadequate housekeeping leads to approximately 70% of workplace incidents. A planned workplace inspection is one of the best ways to identify and correct problems before an incident occurs. Proactive safety programs reduce loss and improve productivity. By the end of the day, you will be able to understand the role of inspections in a health and safety program, describe how proper planning and preparation are key ingredients to successful inspection, and discuss and understand the importance of follow-up.

Participants will also gain the knowledge to conduct thorough workplace incident investigations. This course presents realistic recommendations during interactive case studies, which will help reduce or eliminate incidents and contribute to a safer, healthier workplace.


  • Purpose and role of workplace inspections

  • Preparing for inspections

  • Conducting inspections

  • Reporting procedures for hazards identified

  • What is an incident?

  • Definitions

  • The Incident Classification System

  • The types of costs associated with having an incident

  • Legal requirements

  • Who should conduct an investigation?

  • How to conduct a step-by-step investigation

  • Collecting information on the incident

  • Analyze information for recommending actions

  • The Incident Causation Model

  • Relating investigation process to management system

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