how to support us

Safety Services Nova Scotia is a registered charity, and relies on the support of its community and membership to be able to provide Community Safety Services, such as the School Bus Safety Program. By supporting us, you are supporting an organization that directly impacts the lives of thousands of Nova Scotians each day by following one goal: to bring Nova Scotians home safe at the end of the day.


Safety Services Nova Scotia promotes community safety through a variety of programming, awareness campaigns and events aimed at making the general public aware of issues facing children, riders or the public at large.

Our staff serve on external safety and advisory committees, answer general inquiries from the public, and coordinate safety awareness campaigns each year.


Our School Bus Safety Campaign promotes awareness to the public to not put children at risk by passing school busses illegally. The campaign also includes are interactive video contest in which students submit their own videos promoting school bus safety, with judging by sponsors and a winner selected for each category.

motorcycle awareness month

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and Safety Services Nova Scotia participates in a variety of safety awareness demonstrations and events throughout the province. Our team of experienced motorcycle instructors and enthusiasts travel the province attending rallies and events promoting safe riding, protective clothing, and collision avoidance techniques.

Sponsor our mission

To become a partner or a sponsor in creating more awareness around safe motorcycle riding in Nova Scotia, contact us for more information or make a donation today!

Steps for Life campaign

walking for families of workplace tragedies

Steps For Life is the flagship fundraiser for the Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support, known as Threads of Life. This unique Canadian charity supports the healing journey of families who have suffered from a workplace fatality, traumatic life-altering injury, or occupational disease. Threads of Life currently supports more than 1,700 family members across Canada affected by workplace tragedies and accidents.