Thinking driver
online FUNDAMENTALS course
2.5 Hours - $62.00

This comprehensive e-Learning course allows each participant to learn the Five Fundamentals of Defensive Driving. Through a series of videos, quizzes, activities and questions each participant will learn how to improve their driving skills and reduce incidents. Each of the Five Fundamentals is covered in a modular format:

  1. Think and Look Ahead

  2. Anticipate Hazards

  3. Keep Your Options Open

  4. Manage the Risk

  5. Control with Finesse

At the end of the course each participant will complete an exam which covers the key points of the Defensive Driving Fundamentals course.

*Also available combined with the attitudinal component addressing stress and risk tolerance "Defensive Driving Fundamentals and Attitudes"

This course takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete.  Can vary depending on internet connection and computer.