productivity and time management

INSTRUCTOR: Debi Hartlen MacDonald

This free 10 week course will focus on four critical factors of time management;


• Creating clarity for the vision and mission of your business

• Setting objectives and goals

• Identifying current challenges and find solutions

• Understanding the importance of planning and making decisions

• Creating a system for planning and reviewing as part of regular business management

• Learning how to prioritize


• Where is your time being spent?

• What should you be doing that will bring you the best results?

• Looking at individual challenges, habits and hot buttons and strategies to overcome them

• Learning how to use “BUFFER & FOCUS” days as a system to get things done

• Develop an implementation strategy by considering aspects of productivity


• The benefits of managing your energy

• Increasing capacity and productivity by maximizing your peak/productive hours

• Strategies for stress management

• Strategies for integrating healthy habits into your day to day life

• Step by step blueprint for dealing with procrastination by managing your energy


• What tools will be help with implementation? What technology can be used to help a small

business owner run a business? We’ll specifically look at;

• Content Development Tools

• Social Media Delivery Automation

• Systematic Customer Contact

• We’ll identify YOUR specific areas of need then research and select the best solution for you

• Operations and workflow

Addressing "time management" is really about getting stuff done and Debi Hartlen MacDonald wants to help you achieve that.