Microsoft Office 365 Essentials

INSTRUCTOR: zoran Jokic, Training First Consulting Inc.

Are you mystified by the new office environment? 
Have you recently moved from Office 2007/10 to Office 365? 

Many of the old features are still there and buried within the new interface.  There are also many new features available to help you manage your day to day business needs and make using the Microsoft office suite work just a little more efficient.

In this 10 session (1/2 day per session) workshop we will help you understand the tools that come with Office 365  that are designed to make your life easier. 

The following items will be covered during the workshop:

Understanding Office 365

  • What is Office 365?
  • What makes up Office 365?
  • How is Office 365 integrated?
  • Accessing Office 365 Remotely
  • Access the Office 365 web screens.
  • Review the general information.

Using New Features in Outlook

  • Review the User Interface.
  • Learn how to turn on out of office.
  • Learn how work with calendar.
  • View Mail Tips.
  • See when someone is out of the office when creating a message.
  • Ignore a message.
  • Find availability of rooms and people instantly.

Using Skype for Business/Lync to Collaborate with Others

  • Create and locate a contact.
  • Create customer contact groups.
  • Communicate with a contact through instant message, call and video.
  • Share a program, desktop screen, PowerPoint presentation or document with contacts.
  • Create a group meeting instantly and proactively.
  • Record your meetings and locate them.
  • Using Teams to collaborate effectively.
  • Power of Yammers as the Instant Messaging Platform

Using SharePoint to locate and Share Information

  • Navigate a Team Site.
  • Working with documents and view within Outlook.
  • Working with calendar and view within Outlook.
  • Collaborate on Documents.
  • Modify the My Site profile.
  • Search within a SharePoint Site.

Using Web Apps with Documents

  • Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • One Drive
  • View a document in a web browser
  • Modify a document in a web browser