Leading Positive Change

Instructor: genevieve macinnis 

Genevieve has 20 years of experience as a Human Resources Professional. The majority of this time has been spent in manufacturing environments in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces. 

Genevieve has led a variety of change initiatives including; equipment installs, safety, 5S, process improvement, restructuring, acquisitions, job design, pay and salary structures, pension conversions and attendance management. Genevieve also has a strong background in facilitation, performance management, and conflict resolution.

Genevieve is the founder of Inspired Change Consulting, providing services in the areas of Employee Engagement, Leadership Development and Change Leadership.

This program is designed for individuals who are currently, or soon to be involved in a change initiative

Organizations are constantly changing and adapting new internal processes. This may include new OH&S procedures, streamlined processes to achieve production efficiencies, introduction of new equipment or the creation of a new departments to name a few. Changes do not happen overnight and require work and commitment on both the part of the organization and its managers. Mobilizing employees, engaging them successfully, motivating them, informing them, using the talent and potential of people and teams, it all is crucial. Employees need to demonstrate leadership skills to help move themselves and their organizations forward to effectively lead change processes. This program will address creating a climate for enabling change, engaging and enabling the organization to undergo change and Implementing and sustaining change.

This program could include some of the following components:

  • The change management cycle
  • Managing the emotions in the change process
  • Managing differences (understanding generational diversity, communication styles, etc.)
  • Effective problem solving and decision making
  • Coaching for effective change
  • Managing conflict
  • Understanding and managing resistance to change
  • Employee engagement and building trust
  • Building a change team
  • Communication management