Due Diligence For supervisors

The Due Diligence for Managers & Supervisors program provides two days of training. It is designed to provide senior management with the tools and techniques needed to provide a safer workplace for all employees and to understand their safety obligations.

This program was developed after the Westray Mine Disaster in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1992. It has been delivered to thousands of managers and supervisors to give them a better understanding of the issues surrounding Due Diligence. The Westray event brought occupational safety concerns to the forefront of the media and the general public's awareness. Whether largely publicized or not, incidents occur every day in the workplace. This program addresses what you are doing as a manager to ensure the safety of your employees.

The program includes the legal and due diligence responsibilities of the supervisor/manager, the documentation process and hazard assessment. Participants complete the course with a task list, which is generated from the work book activities. The items on the list can be integrated into daily activity to help ensure employee safety.

Course Outline

  • Safety Culture
  • The Safety System
  • Due Diligence (Regulatory Law - Criminal Law)
  • Legislation
  • Hazard Assessment (APAC)
  • Measures of Performance(MOP)
  • Communication
  • Inspections (5PM)
  • Incident Reporting (IRC)

This course is subject to our Cancellation and Refund Policies.