Cannabis at Work - Workshop


Nadine is a Drug & Alcohol Consultant who is committed to building current, effective, and industry-specific workplace drug & alcohol policies and programs. Nadine has over 25 years of experience managing substance abuse in the workplace. She has worked with businesses and organizations in the private and public sectors across Canada. Nadine is committed to fostering healthy employees and safe workplaces by addressing this challenging topic in a candid, balanced, and professional manner.


Day 1

Marijuana for medical purposes is controversial and moving target that continues to evolve. The implications for workplaces are many. Managing this complex topic requires specialized knowledge in several key areas: the science of the substance, workplace policy and effective workplace management. The approaching legalization of recreational marijuana adds another layer of challenges. This conference brings together a combination of resources to ensure you have the tools to mitigate risk in your business/organization.

Day 2


Join a small Master Class “working” group for a facilitated in-depth review of your Drug and Alcohol Policy.

We’ll review your policy to ensure it meets the requirements to effectively address cannabis use and the current landscape in Canada, adhering to best practices. At the end of the day, participants will leave with a revised draft of their policy as well as business processes for managing medical and recreational cannabis disclosures and use.

What to bring on Day 2?

Copies of your current Drug and Alcohol Policy (electronic or paper)
Internal procedures/processes/directives on:

- Medical disclosure
- Employee
- Supervisor
- Self-identification request for assistance

Drug testing
- What
- When
- How
- What to do with the results
- Addiction/dependence assessment
- Employer Duty to Accommodate
- Fitness for Duty
- Other

Objectives for the facilitated “working” group participants

Constructively deconstruct your current policy and identify gaps
✓ Identify required additions or changes
✓ Rebuild draft policy

Create a draft of internal procedures for managing cannabis use disclosures
Create a communication and education plan o Identify steps to roll out revised policy

Registration Fees

Day 1:
Early Bird - $225

Day 1 + Day 2:
Regular - $650
Early Bird - $595

You can register for Day 1, or Day 1 and Day 2 combined.  Registration for Day 2 is conditional on completion of Day 1.  Early Bird rates available!