about this survey

The following site survey is for staff and instructors at Safety Services Nova Scotia. Before we are able to launch the new website, we want to capture as much information we think is relevant for client/public communications as possible.

Some things to consider:

  • What are the top 3-5 questions you are asked by your clients most frequently?
  • What words or phrases do you think capture the attention of your ideal customer?
  • Who, exactly, is your (department's) ideal customer?
  • What are difficulties or pain-points you currently have when directing the public to our website?
  • What do you feel is missing, or could be better articulated through our current website and marketing outlets?

We want to help people make the right decisions when visiting our website, and we want them to be quickly and clearly find the right information so they can register to the course(s) they need. Try to think specifically about your customers and the department you work in, along with the services that you cover daily.

Please do not complete your survey until you've had a chance to review the website

If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to fill out the form below and hit 'SUBMIT', or email me at any time at joel@arbucklebranding.com


The survey

Your name is strictly voluntary. Feel free to submit your review of the website anonymously. However, without submitting your name I will not be able to contact you directly about your responses should clarification be needed.
Your Department
Check all departments or operations that apply.
Reflection of the new website layout/design
Reflection of the new website layout/design
Please rate how you found the new website design, layout and feel impacted you.
I found the website easy to navigate.
I found the website content easy to read and understand
The website loaded properly and quickly.
The website accurately reflects the services we offer, and I feel comfortable directing clients or the public to the website for more information or to register for courses.
What would help people decide which course is right for them, and give them confidence to book with us (over our competitors)?
Think about who they are, how they interact with you, and what they expect from us as service providers. How are they finding our courses? How are they registering? What are they missing?
I feel that the Safety Services Nova Scotia brand and website accurately reflect my thoughts, opinions and outlook on how we do business.
I feel that my input is valued into our public-facing outlets such as our marketing materials and website.
Include any positive or negative feedback you have on the website or rebrand as a whole. How can we best bring about change in our marketing and communications that serves the needs of our customers both new and existing?